Computer science is one of the most versatile majors you can take. It is a degree with many different possible applications, meaning you're not stuck to one single path. Many of these paths have many openings, and that number continues to grow each day. Below is a list of jobs with the steadiest amount of job openings over the last few years and their main tasks.
Jobs and Descriptions
Software applications developer:
Evaluate software requirements and user needs to determine software feasibility Projected growth (2012-2022): 22 percent or higher.
Median annual salary: $95,510
Computer systems engineer:
Develop solutions to complex applications problems and other network concerns Projected growth (2012-2022): From 3 to 7 percent.
Median annual salary:$83,410 (through 2014)
Web developer
Write, design or edit web page content, or direct others producing content Projected growth (2012-2022): 15 to 21 percent.
Median annual salary (2014): $63,490

As you can see there are many uses for a computer science degree, with the field growing more and more every day.

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